Jeniece Blanchet @jesuisjeniece, is an upcoming stylist in Atlanta
who has an amazing sense of style that flirts femininity with masculinity.

I'm currently in the process of creating new work to showcase for the re-launch of 7th Street Studio. I've spent the first year of business carving out a niche, shooting with local style bloggers and entrepreneurs in Atlanta. I was looking to expand the type of imagery reflected in my portfolio and had spent been scouring instagram for new faces to collaborate with. When I came across Jeniece Blanc, an Atlanta stylist, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her online gallery showcased her insane ability to remix simple pieces into dynamic outfits -- and it didn't hurt that she was incredibly beautiful to boot! I messaged her with a few samples of my work and asked if she would be interested in styling and modeling for a shoot. Luckily, she was completely (and excitedly) open to the opportunity.

Since my primary clientele consists of fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs, and I love working in these realms, I have little room for input in terms of styling as most of my clients already have a certain look they wish to maintain. I wanted to experiment and try something new, and was open to her having creative freedom with her looks. With the exception of providing a few photos of images I had been into, I allowed her to guide the overall look of the shoot. We decided to ditch a theme, and kept things as organic as possible. 

We decided to shoot in Downtown Atlanta to play off the different colors and textures the city had to offer. We seamlessly hopped from one look to the next. Jeniece showing no holds barred by changing on the streets, only concealed by the column of a random building we happened to stop near. Once we wrapped, the excitement took over us, and we immediately proceeded to dinner to download the photos and sift through our faves. The zippered leather top and blazer, shot in direct sunlight was mine, it was what I call - bad-ass-classiness! It also gets a double-tap of love due to the fact that I had been trying to capture someone in direct sunlight for months, without it appearing washed out or over-taken by shadows. I felt like I had finally succeeded. Tiny victories for the win! 

PS. Jeniece just launched her new website, which features some pieces from her new clothing collection. SUPER CLUTCH!

camera info:

+24-70 MM LENS