I recently stumbled across a blog post written by one of my favorite graphic designers, Breanna of RowanMade, about her daily routine and it inspired me to write a post of my own. As someone who's still new to the world of working for herself, creating my own schedule has been somewhat of a challenge for me. I hate routines, but am finding it to be a necessary evil to stay productive. I'm continually working on a more effective schedule, but for the time being here's a peek into my day. 

8a-9a // 
In all honesty, I usually don't roll out of bed until 8 or 9am. Even when working in corporate, I was a night owl and definitely not a morning person, but I am working on trying to be up by 7am. I tried a stint at waking up at 5am, but I couldn't hang for long. Big ups to you early risers! After breakfast, I've recently implemented a consistent workout regimen into my schedule, so I get that in before anything else. I battle with extreme fatigue at times, and I've noticed that working out at the beginning of the day, keeps me energetic throughout the day! 

Depending on the day, during this time, I'm either out shooting with a client, or on days I don't have a shoot booked, I pack up my bag and head to a cafe to work. Working at home prevents too many distractions, so feeling like I actually have an "office" to get to, motivates me to put a move on it. Majority of this time is spent on edits, emails, and learning. I'll take a small break to grab lunch, or something light I've made for lunch on the go. 4pm isn't a hard stop. This block of time usually varies, from day to day, depending on my task goals for the day.

If I have a lot of edits to get through, I'll stay at the cafe or library until a little before closing, usually 5pm or 8pm on certain nights. If I've finished early, I usually use the time to run some errands, meet up with a friend or treat myself to dinner.

Once I get home between 7 and 8pm, I use the time to relax a little. Shower, check my social networks, chat with my long distance friends, read, etc before heading to bed. I really love using this time to check out new photographers, style blogs, or pin-away onto Pinterest finding new inspo and staying up-to-date on whats going on in photogrpahy.


I love the day-to-day variety of working as a photographer. I'm a person who hates strict routine, so the subtle differences in my schedule keep me happy and less likely to burnout. I'd love to hear how you guys schedule your day. Are you a stickler for a tight schedule, or do you enjoy flexibility from day to day, like me? Chime in, in the comments below!