Often times when you're shooting for pay, there comes a time when you get a little burnt-out. When you're hired by a client, you're at the mercy of their shoot objectives. In times where I feel a bit uninspired or boxed in, I'll reach out to a past client I really vibed with and offer a complimentary shoot just for the thrill of it. When money isn't involved, both parties can be a lot more relaxed and open to endless possibilities. I decided to reach out to Mia Ray from confessionsofaglamaholic.com. It had been some time since, we'd shot, and I thought it would be nice for her to have some updated images for her brand. 

I met Mia last year, when she was visiting from Detroit. We had a blast snagging shots in the in the city! I love her energy and her down-to-earth personality, so it's always a blast having the opportunity to work with her. 

If you follow Mia on Snapchat or Instagram, you're completely engulfed into her world. Whether she's handling business on skype calls with her team, showing us her morning beauty routine, or chasing her rambunctious toddler Tana around, she becomes the girl you call your "best friend in your head". Being an online witness to some major shifts in her life and seeing her overcome crazy hurdles has been a major inspiration for me. When she wins, you feel like you've won, and I love that about her. 

When I reached out to her for this shoot, she was totally down for the cause! I had been feeling really uninspired, and just wanted to go out and create some new images-- fun and unplanned. 

I like to call these kind of shoots, "freestyle" shoots, because we literally just go off the rip. When you really vibe with one of your clients, and they trust in you and go with the flow, things feel really free.  It's also when I feel most connected to my work. There's nothing like creative freedom.

The weekend we shot this was right after Beyonce's lemonade dropped, and it really felt like the perfect soundtrack. I think we played "I'm Sorry", "All Night Long" and "Hold Up" way too many times to count! I'm always looking for new places to shoot, and I had seen this crazy green wall in an unsuspecting part of town that I wanted to try. The vibe was laid back and cool. We even snagged some shots as she was pumping gas at the gas station, haha! Can't get more freestyle than that. (Stay tuned for those images in PART DEUCE)

It's definitely one of my favorite shoots from this year. 

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