I'm really digging these images. They're kind of trippy, right?! As a kid I've always had this infatuation with two things, art and magazines.  I loved drawing and buying mags, simply to look at the photos. At one point I thought I wanted to be an illustrator, so in college I picked up Illustration as a major. My passion for drawing quickly faded after a semester of drawing class. I loved making collages, playing with images and meshing them with type, so I switched my major to graphic design. Years passed and I still felt like I hadn't found my true passion. It wasn't until two years ago, that I fell in love with photography. I think my journey through the arts was necessary for me to realize what I love most. While that was slightly off topic, it's really the background reason as to why I love these images so much. It's the fusing of things I love so dearly. If my drawing skills were up to par, I'd totally give this technique a go! Who knows, I may still give it a whirl! 


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